Policy and Procedures

We ask that all our guests please read the Policies and Procedures, to make your event at Bella Stanza as enjoyable as possible. These policies and procedures contain important information that may answer any questions you have.

Our policy states that you must have event insurance and police MUST be on staff if any alcoholic beverages will be served during the event. Bella Stanza does not provide these. Event insurance may be provided through a homeowners policy at no cost or purchased from a recommended provider through the link below. Insurance may be up to $300. A copy of the contract will be provided and the terms and conditions of that contract MUST be adhered to.

Purchase Event Insurance

Rental Contract


PER DAY. Prices include building rental, as well as tables and chairs for your event.

$500 Refundable Deposit

Mon. – Thurs.      $850/day

Fri. – Sun.      $1050/day

2 Day Weekend Special      $1,525

24 hour period, 10a.m. to 10a.m.
250 maximum capacity, 150 seated. (8) 8 ft. tables, (6) 6 ft. tables, 11 round tables and 100 Chairs are included in price.